You hire an architect to design your house, a contractor to build it and an interior designer to turn it into the home of your dreams. Here is a chance to do the same for your wardrobe and image.

If, after scheduling a business appointment or social engagement, you have thought to yourself “I don’t have anything to wear,” “Will I be dressed appropriately?,”  “I don’t have time to go shopping,” or “I loath shopping,” then read on.

Michael Holdaway Productions has merged over 15 years of wardrobe styling experience to bring you two new professional styling services:

Service #1 - Exclusive Style
Service #2 - Hollywood Style

Michael prepares you to meet all business and social engagements effortlessly with an up to date, stylish and personalized image that meets your every day needs.

Service #1 - Exclusive Style:

Step 1- Wardrobe Consult:

(Over the phone 30 min–1 hour)

An initial wardrobe consultation will help determine your wardrobe needs. ( A new look, a refined look or the maintenance of your current look).

We will discuss the following:

- Wardrobe look and direction
- Fit and comfort particulars
- Color likes and dislikes
- Fabric likes and dislikes
- Creating a budget
- Stores that meet your budget
- A convenient closet edit date
- Convenient shopping dates

Step 2- Deep Closet Edit:

(1 hour min)

Michael will meet you or your assistant and edit through your entire wardrobe, shoes and accessories, separating them into three categories:

A - what you should absolutely eliminate
B - what you should consider eliminating
C - what you should keep

This step is crucial to insure continuity with your wardrobe goals. We want to make sure everything in your closet is current and on point. You cannot go wrong if everything in your closet works!

Step 3 - Exclusive Style:

(4 - 6 hrs)

Michael will pull clothing, shoes and accessories that match your wardrobe goals from the stores we agreed on in the wardrobe consult.

Michael sets up clothing in a fitting suite for an efficient and effortless styling session. While being styled, all alterations are marked on the spot. We repeat this process at additional stores for the remaining scheduled time.

Program#2 - Hollywood Style:

Step 1- Wardrobe Consult:
(Same as service #1)

Step 2- Deep Closet Edit:
(Same as service #1)

Step 3- Hollywood Style:
(4 - 8 shopping hrs, 4 - 8 fitting hrs, 2 - 4 hrs for returns)

Michael pulls clothing, shoes and accessories that match your wardrobe goals from your preferred stores and bring them to you.

A styling session is set up at the location of your choice, whether at your office, home or hotel. Michael and his assistant set up all pulled wardrobe on mobile rolling racks with shoes and accessories for a well-organized styling session before the client ever arrives.

To save additional time, a tailor is available to mark alterations on location.

Our Rates:

Michael Holdaway    $150 hr

Assistant Stylist        $75 hr

MHP Tailor               $125 session

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Michael Holdaway Productions

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