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You hire an architect to design your house, a contractor to build it and an interior designer to turn it into the home of your dreams. This is the opportunity to do the same with your professional and personal wardrobe image.

If, after scheduling a business meeting or social engagement, you’ve thought to yourself “I don’t have anything to wear,” “Will I be dressed appropriately?,”  “I don’t have time to go shopping,” or “I hate shopping,” then you should continue reading.

Michael Holdaway Productions has merged over 15 years of wardrobe styling and costume design experience in the entertainment industry to bring you three professional styling services at an affordable professional rate.

Style Package #1 -  Comprehensive Style

Style Package #2 -  Executive Style
Style Package #3 -  Flash Hours

Michael prepares you to meet all business and social engagements effortlessly with an up to date, stylish and personalized image that meets your every day individual needs. Taking into consideration how sensitive and personal discussing image is to most, Michael is a pro at creating a nurturing, positive styling experience.

Having worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years, Michael has had to create an image for every type of character one can imagine. From hillbillies to Bel Air socialites and everything in between portrayed in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the only direction given for a character is a couple of lines in a script.

If what's missing in your life is a stunning wardrobe that works within your budget and lifestyle,  we've created a style packages just for you.

Professional Styling Options:

Style Package #1 - Comprehensive Style:

In three easy steps Michael will effortlessly walk you through the process of creating an outstanding individual, professional and personal wardrobe image. Take the stress and seemingly hassle  of shopping and having to make purchase decisions.

Step 1- Wardrobe Consult:
(Over the phone 30 min–1 hr)
An initial wardrobe consultation will help determine your wardrobe needs (a new image, a refined image or the maintenance of your current image).

We will discuss the following:
- Fit and comfort particulars
Color likes and dislikes
Fabric likes and dislikes
Wardrobe look and direction
Stores we will shop at
- A convenient deep closet edit date
- Shopping dates

Step 2- Deep Closet Edit:
(1 hr min)

Michael will meet you, your assistant or majordomo at your home to edit through your entire wardrobe, shoes and accessories, separating them into three categories:

A - what you should absolutely eliminate
B - what you should consider eliminating
C - what you should keep

This step is crucial to establish continuity with your wardrobe goals. We will make sure everything in your closet is current and on point. You can't go wrong if everything in your closet works!

Step 3 - Comprehensive Style:

(4 hr min - 6 hr max)
Michael will arrive an hour before you at the first store decided on in the consult. He will pull clothing, shoes and accessories that match your wardrobe goals.

All clothing will be set up in a fitting suite for an efficient and effortless styling session before you even arrive. While being styled, all alterations are marked on the spot. We repeat this process at additional stores for the remaining scheduled time.

Typically, two consecutive 4 hour shopping dates are scheduled immediately following the deep closet edit.

Style Package #2 - Executive Style:

If the phrase “Time equals money” rings true in your life and having the same level of service as Michael’s celebrity clients is appealing to you, then, this service is for you.

Step 1- Wardrobe Consult:
(Same as service #1)
Step 2- Deep Closet Edit:
(Same as service #1)
Step 3- Executive Style:
(10-16 hr)
Michael shops for clothing, shoes and accessories according to your wardrobe goals at your preferred stores and brings them to your home, office or hotel for a fitting and style session.

Michael and his assistant set up all pulled wardrobe on mobile rolling racks with shoes and accessories laid out for a well-organized styling session before the client ever arrives.

MHP’s mobile tailor will be on hand to mark all clothing alterations in the fitting and deliver them to you after completion.

Typically, this entire process will only take 3-5 hours of a busy professionals time to achieve a whole season of a personalized stunning wardrobe image.

Style Package #3 – Flash Hours:

This service is available to any clients who have taken advantage of the Comprehensive or Executive style packages.

While brick and mortar clothing retailers are decreasing pre- announced in- store sales they have increased their online flash sales. Typically, an email blast is sent announcing an incredible sale for a particular item or category with a restricted time frame to shop. Flash sales are fantastic if you have the time to track them and can shop the web site within the allotted time.

Flash Hours are a pre- purchased bank of time you can use to take advantage of flash sales when they happen without having to spend the time shopping or contemplating your purchases.

When a flash sale happens that meets your criteria Michael will text you a brief on the sale and estimate the time he will spend. You text back an approval confirming you will be available to make the purchase.

Your Flash Hours are used to carefully pick items perfect for your individual look and creating a shopping cart. You will then get a notification that a shopping cart is ready for purchase.

It is recommended that immediately following your purchase you book an in home fitting/ style session for a date after your purchases are scheduled to arrive, using your Flash Hours. Michael will help to decide what to keep or what to return, integrate and style your new purchases into your existing wardrobe.

 Step 1- Consult:
(30 min- 1 hr)
We will discuss the following:
- What sale items to track
- What stores you prefer
- We create a list

Step 2- Purchase:
(varies depending on sale)
Michael uses your Flash Hours to shop items on your list as flash sales happen at your preferred stores.

Step 3- Book A Fitting/ Style Session:
(1.5 hr min)
After you complete the purchase of your cart, use your Flash Hours to book an in home fitting/ style session. Michael will help you decide what to keep and what to return. Your new items will be styled and integrated into your existing wardrobe.

Other ways to use your- Flash Hours:

A Special Event Look:

When there is an important event you need to attend and you know you do not have the perfect look you can use your Flash Hours to have Michael scour the web sites of your favorite stores. All clothing, accessories and shoes are shipped to your home. A follow- up fitting/ style session is booked prior to the event ensuring you look spectacular.

A Gift:

Searching for the perfect, stylish and personable gift can be time consuming and challenging for anyone, but, if you are not a “shopper” by nature, it can also be an annoyance.

Michael will comb your preferred store web sites to find an incredibly thoughtful and personable gift for a family member, friend or professional colleague. You will have many options sent to you in shopping carts. Simply delete the items that are not absolutely right for a particular person and purchase the ones that are.

Professional Styling Rates:

Michael Holdaway    $175/ hr
Flash Hours              $175/ hr  (pre- purchase x3 hr )
Assistant Stylist        $80/ hr
MHP Tailor                $150/      (per session)

To schedule a styling service call:


Michael Holdaway Prod. Web site

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